Sierra Health Care Inc.
A Visit To Granny Harkey's

Sierra’s Alzheimer’s and Dementia Neighborhood

For many years, Ida Mae Harkey brightened the halls--and lives--of residents and staff at Sierra Health Care Center. Her warm smile and outgoing, friendly personality made everyone she touched feel comfortable and at ease. So, when we designed our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Neighborhood, we naturally named it after her. Welcome to Granny Harkey’s Neighborhood!

Effectively managing Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related conditions is as emotionally challenging for residents and their families as it is to manage the resident’s medical and psychological needs. At Granny Harkey’s Neighborhood in Sierra Health Care Center, we provide a safe, secure, home-like environment, as well as delicious, nutritional meals for our residents. And of course our residents enjoy comfortable, homey rooms, a private courtyard, daily activities and entertainment. To us, that’s a given.

But Sierra’s program goes far beyond the basics. We coordinate positive interaction between residents and staff (including highly skilled, licensed nurses and certified nursing assistants), with appropriate medical protocols, to help provide the highest possible quality of life and dignity for you or your loved one.

And we build our care program around each resident’s individual needs and required level of care through our Life Skill Centers. These centers include items the resident can use, as well as being specifically designed to stimulate memories of life past. Maybe dad loved to fish; for him, there’s the Fishing Life Center. Maybe he liked to work on the car or fix things around the house...the Tool Life Center will make him smile when he remembers those hours under the kitchen sink. Mom might have washed and folded your clothes when you were a kid; for her, the Laundry Life Center might be just right. And who doesn’t need to “put on her face” before she goes out? The Makeup Life Center could bring back fond memories. And the list goes on and on.

We think Granny Harkey would be proud.

Want to know more? Come by for a visit...and let our family help take care of your family.